Wrestling Round-Robin Bracket Spreadsheet

roundrobin smHow to use the Wrestling Round-Robin Bracket Spreadsheet

Basically it is a extremely simple free spreadsheet. It eliminates the need for expensive wrestling bracketing software.

When opened it will prompt you to Open as read-only. Click Yes
At the top of the spreadsheet, under the menu bar there might be a prompt: Security Warning Macros have been disabled. Click on Options Select Enable this content then click Ok.

  • The rest of the spreadsheet is fairly easy to understand, The Tournament Name will need to set once on each of the round-robin types. So click on 2 Man, 4 Man & 6 Man buttons and make the changes.
  • The Bracket Number, Mat Number and Age Group is set to what you want them to say for the bracket you are typing.
  • Choose the appropriate round-robin type button for the bracket you want to work on.
    • 5 Man? You would choose the 6 Man and in one of the name and team name row you would enter BYE.
    • 3 Man? You would choose the 4 Man and in one of the name and team name row you would enter BYE.
  • Enter the name and team name of the competitors in the appropriate section
  • If you want a random seed for the bracket click the Randomizer button
  • Click Print.
  • To clear names to start working on a new bracket click the appropriate round-robin type button

Like I said it is extremely simple, if you need more then what this can provide then I would recommend looking into some commercial products.

2, 4 & 6 man Round Robin Bracket/Scoresheet Excel

4 Man Bracket Scoresheet without Macros or Password

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